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International Shipping

International shipping can be really confusing if you have ever done it before. But after you read this article, you will probably realize that handling international air freight shipment is just easy and affordable work to do. 

One of the bothering questions that usually appear in international shipping is probably deciding the payment. If you are using domestic freight, it is very easy to handle. You can handle it by prepaid or collect. You have to decide that when you are dealing with this kind of shipment. But the other hands, if you are using international air freight, it is totally different.

Air Freight

The development of industry influences the development of shipping companies. The companies support the industries with far easier global chain. Due to the strong development of the shipping business, there are lots of shipping companies available.

You may find several companies of air freight surrounding you. This makes you be selective in choosing the best air freight to avoid some problems in delivering your products to your customers.

Protein Shakes

Gotcha! They’re not! Protein shakes are a staple of a high-protein diet. While I like to make recipes with my protein powder (both to avoid protein farts and to keep from getting sick of shakes) it’s still my go-to when I need more protein in my day but I don’t have much time. However, as with any supplement, you have to keep a few things in mind:

Protein shakes are not food. When you base your diet around supplements, instead of a healthy balance of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains, you’re missing out on key micronutrients, specifically vitamins and minerals. A good way to mitigate this is to cook recipes (I’ve published a few of my favourites here) to let you get extra protein without sacrificing nutrition. The protein powder tastes better than if you were just juicing vegetables.

Shipping Containers to Africa

Looking for one of the best shipping containers to Africa, you need to consider Cargo Master. It is one of the leading container shipping companies in Australia. They are popular for their good staff, secure and safe shipping and the low-cost prices.

One of the popular destinations of this company in shipping containers to Africa from Australia. It has over more years of experience. The services are complete enough ranging from the small box of clothes to the bigger item of vehicle. Even, the company also delivers the whole house move.

Self Pack International Shipping

For those having family overseas, surely you get familiar with the international shipping services. There are some services providing self-pack international shipping. 

You should always put the content of shipping in the centre of the box with minimal distance about 6 cm to separate it from the wall or the outside angle. Pack one by one good if you want to do self pack international shipping containers. You should use a separator to pack it when you send and ship more goods in one container or pack. Be always wrapping the goods tidily with the separated materials.

Sea Freight

Sea freight shipment is a great shipment method, obviously. Some of the people maybe want to avoid this shipping method. However, there is a quantity when you have no other way and should use sea freight. Here is the best load when you should choose sea freight services for your businesses.

Delivery delay of goods can be fatal. It can disrupt the production process due to some parts still in their way of freighting. Moreover, if the goods are needed urgently, it can cause chaos. You will have to bear the loss financially and end up losing the trust of your customers as they depend heavily on your shipping goods.

A while ago, I mentioned that I had recently purchased some essential oils to be used in our household. I alluded to the fact that they were helping the girls to sleep better, and I completely let that thought fall away and never got around to sharing anything with you.

My mom had been begging me to purchase a Young Living starter kit for months, and after Jenn posted her guest post as well as sent me samples to try, I finally bit the bullet. At first I was a little bit wary of what these oils could do for us and how I could safely use them for our family. I still have a LOT to learn, but here are some practical ways that we have used the oils so far.

self pack international moving containersIf you are moving overseas, you will need some help from this company. No matter where you are moving, the company does understand that your movement requires more than simple transporting some items from one place to another place. With its comprehensive range of some professional services that Cargo Master offer, you will feel comfortable to move and move.

Fortunately, the self pack international moving containers company like Cargo Master has very good management and tracking systems. This will ensure that they have a full inventory of your household items. They note what they are and know well where they are.


Moving to New Zealand from your country is one of the single biggest decision for you as an individual. Whether you live in New Zealand for study or work, it is still your best decisions ever in your life! This country has been known for its wilderness of nature.

You need to find a freight agent which has a reputation for fast, reliable, and efficient sea freight to NZ. Sea freight is a shipment that uses 20′ or 40′ shipping container. It is the fastest way to move all your belongings in your room. Especially if you have many clothes, furniture, and stuff. Sea freight is also the most economical way to ship your belongings to New Zealand if you are from Australia or Indonesia since the price is cheap.

Freight Forwarder

Due to the increase of international business, freight forwarder certainly becomes an important company that is more needed these days. Freight forwarder surely has loads of benefits to you. It can help you manage the importing and exporting process. However, it also has several disadvantages. Before knowing what are the disadvantages of a freight forwarding service, let’s see first about its advantages.

Freight forwarders help you in organizing your shipment. They will help you manage the ideal services for the shipping process as you don’t know or cannot manage it by yourself. Shipping with freight forwarders may cause some risk involved, especially its transaction. That is why you need to be aware of the transaction.

Can we just talk for a second about how it is February? I am not even sure how that happened. At the end of the month, the girls turn 18 months old, and I am positive I’m not ready for that. Didn’t I just bring them home from the hospital yesterday? It sure feels like it.

Before we know it, spring will be here and we can break out of our hibernation from this long cold winter Chicago is having. I’m not one to wish away long periods of time though – and especially not February! The month of loooove… and chocolate. Let’s not forget the chocolate.

Freight Forwarding

When it comes to the difference of air freight vs. sea freight, air freight is normally chosen for the fast shipping. Besides, air freight also great to use when you need safe and reliable freight. However, if you are avoiding expensive freight, you better use other freights. Then, how about using sea freight?

Sea freight is commonly picked for people who need more capacity in importing and exporting goods. Example sea freight Sydney from Cargo Master. It can hold up to 10,000 bottles of beer! On the other hand, sea freight is normally slower than air freight. There are additional delays as well due to its port holdups and customs issues.


Due to the increase in freight services, there are a lot of people get interested in starting a shipping company. When it comes to the freight company, there are loads of kinds of it: air freight, ocean freight, and containers. Once someone begins to start a new freight company with a low budget, they mostly pick starting container shipping company. But, they probably don’t know how to start a freight services company with containers. Here are things that you need considers in planning a container shipping company.

This is What You Need! In staring a new freight forwarder company, there are several things that you need to prepare. Here are the lists.

Oatmeal Hemp Pancakes

Good morning guys! How is everyone doing this morning? It’s a little gloomy and rainy in my end but at least it’s above freezing. I’ll take rain over snow any day!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be sharing my pancake recipe this morning! I know there is a bunch of pancake recipes floating out there but this one is so easy and fool-proof! The portion is also perfect for 1 person but can be doubled or tripled if necessary 😉.

These little guys are full of good-for-you ingredients! I swear they are good for your waistline! You only need four ingredients to make the batter which in my books is a win! So gather your oatmeal, hemp seeds, egg and banana and get ready to cook!


My skin has been problematic since high school and it was embarrassing to still be having issues in my late 20s.  Not only was it cosmetically unsettling for me, but cystic acne is also incredibly painful.

The only time I can remember having somewhat clear skin was after doing a series of chemical peels before my wedding.  I have tried topical medications, oral antibiotics, natural regimens, etc. and nothing seemed to work.  That is until my friend Nikki introduced me to Rodan+Fields Unblemish.

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