Best Shipping Containers to Africa

Looking for one of the best shipping containers to Africa, you need to consider Cargo Master. It is one of the leading container shipping companies in Australia. They are popular for their good staff, secure and safe shipping and the low-cost prices.

One of the popular destinations of this company in shipping containers to Africa from Australia. It has over more years of experience. The services are complete enough ranging from the small box of clothes to the bigger item of vehicle. Even, the company also delivers the whole house move.

Shipping Containers to Africa

Because one of the most influencing aspects that support the popularity of this company is the low cost that they offer, let us discuss it in more details.

The company guarantees the most efficient and the most cost-effective services in shipping your goods through the great distance between Australia and South Africa. Fortunately, the company always tries to understand the customers by tailoring the costs that will suit their needs.

Supported by their strong team with enough knowledge, practices and experiences, Cargo Master will give you some suggestions before you decide the right shipping method to deliver your goods. They will explain it well, including the appropriate container size for your goods.

There are two options to take, including less and full container load.

Less Container Load (LCL)

To minimize the numbers of the cost you need to pay off, you better share with other businesses or households shipping overseas. This means that the container will be shared as well as the costs. Using LCL, you will be charged for only the space that your goods need. If you have small consignments such as apartment or flat move, you better take this option. Or if you want to only move a few rooms of your house or some selected items, this will be a great choice to take.

Full Container Load (FCL)

If you have something great to travel, you will need this type of shipping. For example, you want to move a whole household, your vehicle, or some other stuff that require a full container service. You can take either the 20ft or 40ft container depending on the volume of your load. Then, the cost is calculated based on the size of the container that you take.

There are some popular destinations of shipping containers to Africa provided by this company. The destinations are across South Africa, including Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban, Evaton, Witbank, George, Soshanguve, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

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