Tips in Making A New Container Shipping Company

Due to the increase in freight services, there are a lot of people get interested in starting a shipping company. When it comes to the freight company, there are loads of kinds of it: air freight, ocean freight, and containers. Once someone begins to start a new freight company with a low budget, they mostly pick starting container shipping company. But, they probably don’t know how to start a freight services company with containers. Here are things that you need considers in planning a container shipping company.


Know This Basic thing before Starting Container Shipping Company

This is What You Need! In staring a new freight forwarder company, there are several things that you need to prepare. Here are the lists.

  • Structure Legal and Company Name
  • Business Address and Business Plan
  • Bank and Merchant Account
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Containers and Other Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Warehouse site
  • Logistic management software
  • Financial projection
  • Investment capital
  • Create a Name, Structure, and EIN

Once you want to make a shipping company, make sure you have a company name and logo. Besides, you also need to set up the structure of the legal business. Here, you can ask help from your financial advisor or attorney in deciding the corporation of your company. Furthermore, you also need to apply the EIN and get the business address.

Consider Bank Account

Talking about how to start a freight services company with containers, it means talking about business and money as well. That’s why you need to make a bank account to permit credit and debit cards processes.

Set Up Business Plan

Thinking your business plan becomes an important thing in creating a new business such as shipping company. Furthermore, you also need to develop its financial projections. You need to do research for your business need such as logistics, laws, shipping, pricing, and the most important one is container requirements. You also need to understand well about your competitors, sales strategies, and market size as well.

Important Things In Starting Container Shipping Company

Besides those basic business things, you also need to understand well about something that relates to containers shipping.

Create Management Software

As you think about how to start a freight services company with containers, you need to know that every shipping company has management software for tracking goods. Therefore, you need to purchase it. Besides, obtaining shipping logistics also is a must for creating a new freight container. All of these will help you in tracking the containers’ location, so the customers also can update and know the location of their shipments.

Own Containers

This is the most important thing talking about how to start a shipping company with containers. You need to buy loads of containers, trucks, its equipment, and also a warehouse site. The warehouse provides a place for repairing containers and other equipment.

Make Legal Contract

A legal contract is an important thing in doing official business. In starting shipping company, you need to make long-term contracts with several companies. Make a great two-page executive summary and efficient 20-page of presentation for your investors so they can join with your company.

Consider the Negative Sides of Freight Forwarder

Due to the increase of international business, freight forwarder certainly becomes an important company that is more needed these days. Freight forwarder surely has loads of benefits to you. It can help you manage the importing and exporting process. However, it also has several disadvantages. Before knowing what are the disadvantages of a freight forwarding service, let’s see first about its advantages.

Freight Forwarding

Benefits of Using Freight Forwarder

  • Freight forwarders help you in organizing your shipment. They will help you manage the ideal services for the shipping process as you don’t know or cannot manage it by yourself.
  • A freight forwarder can help you in saving your money by choosing the best services based on your budget or needs.
    You can do other works and activities while shipping your goods.
  • Bigger freight forwarding company will cost you less money as they do not need dealing with complicated negotiations.
  • Able to ship a large volume with a good cost.
  • International agents in loads of countries.

Disadvantages of Using Freight Forwarder

After knowing about its benefits, you also need to know about what are the disadvantages of a freight forwarder. Here are the minus sides of getting freight services.

  • Shipping with freight forwarders may cause some risk involved, especially its transaction. That is why you need to be aware of the transaction.
  • Freight forwarder sometimes can be unreliable as well. There are several freight forwarders that cannot be trusted due to its bad services. Reading the consumers’ reviews may help.
  • A freight forwarder can lead you to higher cost due to the services, the goods’ size, the regulation problems, the packaging, and others.
  • Freight forwarders are not regulated in some areas in certain countries. This can lead you into a lost or damaged shipments problems.
  • A complex shipping process may provide a higher cost.
  • Shipping using freight forwarders have loads of regulations and terms.

Those are several things of the freight forwarders disadvantages. After understanding what the disadvantages of a freight forwarder you exactly need to be careful as you want to do international shipping using it.

Now, the decision is up to you whether you want to still use freight forwarder services or not. If you are still using its services, you need to pick the best services and the trusted company.

First, ask yourself what you kind of services that you need. If you need a fast service, you better choose air freight shipping. Moreover, if you want to get a cheaper one, try to use container shipping or sea freight shipping.

Furthermore, make sure that you pick a service from a reliable and well-known shipping company. A well-known company is normally will have a great experience. Moreover, an experienced company normally will have great services and rarely to have shipping problems. So, you do not need to worry about losing your shipment.

In order to prevent your shipment from damage, you can ask the freight forwarder to help you in the packaging process. A big freight forwarder normally has packaging service for their consumers. So, that is all the information about the good side and the bad side of using freight forwarders. Make sure you choose the best freight forwarder, so your shipment can be delivered rightly and safely.

Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand from your country is one of the single biggest decision for you as an individual. Whether you live in New Zealand for study or work, it is still your best decisions ever in your life! This country has been known for its wilderness of nature.

The Kiwi is a great place for you who wants to have a better air or better new life since you will surround by the better environment. When it comes to moving abroad, you need to carry your belongings, right? And what should you do with your stuff?


Things to Know about Sea Freight to NZ

Sea freights to NZ is the answer. When you want to move to New Zealand, sea freight is available to help you for carrying your belongings. There are many sea freights companies that able to carry your entire room contents or just a few cartons to ship to New Zealand. You can check the freight company in your country that is trusted. We are sure that there is freight agent that wants to do shipment via sea freight.

You need to find a freight agent which has a reputation for fast, reliable, and efficient sea freight to NZ. Sea freight is a shipment that uses 20′ or 40′ shipping container. It is the fastest way to move all your belongings in your room. Especially if you have many clothes, furniture, and stuff.

Sea freight is also the most economical way to ship your belongings to New Zealand if you are from Australia or Indonesia since the price is cheap. The price becomes cheaper is you use sea freight in a shared container. You need to choose this method if you are only shipping half portion of your furniture or just several cartons.

Considerations for Sea Freight


This is the first factor that you should consider before choosing sea freight. For some people, the cost can be a very important factor which can influence the decisions to ship via sea freight.

Typically, sea freight is way cheaper than air freight. The factors for freight cost are related to cargo weight, value, the destination being shipped, and dimensions.

Larger and heavier shipments are often cheaper to ship by sea freight. So, it’s better to use sea freight when you want to carry your belongings including furniture. After the custom and destination fees are added to shipping cost, the price of sea freight is still cheaper than air freight.


Shipping by sea freight takes several days. In some cases, it can take a few weeks or months to arrive. You can ship your belongings weeks before you move abroad. But recent ships shows that they are getting faster.

Moreover, they also create efficient routes. So sea freight can be faster than before. There are many sea freight shipments being delivered less in 2 weeks. If you live in a country near New Zealand, sea freight to NZ can be faster.

Best Self Pack International Movers Company

One of the most popular self pack international movers companies is Cargo Master. If you are moving overseas, you will need some help from this company. No matter where you are moving, the company does understand that your movement requires more than simple transporting some items from one place to another place. With its comprehensive range of some professional services that Cargo Master offer, you will feel comfortable to move and move.

self pack international moving containers

The company has experienced over many years in helping people move overseas. It guarantees the best services. You can simply contact them before making the arrangements. It is free to talk to them. Then, let them know what you want and they will help you manage and plan the move.

Fortunately, the self pack international moving containers company like Cargo Master has very good management and tracking systems. This will ensure that they have a full inventory of your household items. They note what they are and know well where they are.

All the things are managed by the company, such as professional packing, cleaning the house, managing to transport your treasures safely and securely. In addition, they may also give some bits of help in assisting some other aspects, such as purchasing, renting or leasing the property. Some of your needs, such as migration assistance, visas and passports, cross-cultural briefings and so on are also provided.

The goods will also arrive as you expect, in terms of the destination, the condition, and the time. The company works with both sea and air shipping. Moreover, they also serve the customers from 56 countries spanning Asia, the Middle East and Europe with their 126 offices.

To make sure the goods are delivered in good condition, the company provides you with superior packing service. Whether you want them to pack some selected items or the entire household items, they will pack them quickly.

Even, the company also offers a friendly transport for your pet. If you plan to transport your buddies, you can rely on this company. The company works with the finest pet transport carriers.

About the storage, the self-pack international movers company, Cargo Master, offers you with two options of short and long term storage.

You can take the storage for a few days or for many years. You will be supported by world-class storage facilities to keep your goods safe, secure and always in their good condition.

Self Pack International Shipping for Safe Shipping and Expedition

For those having family overseas, surely you get familiar with the international shipping services. There are some services providing self-pack international shipping. The self-pack method is almost the same as the original packing service. This is regarded to be the best one because you can ship more goods and furniture items in once shipping. When you want to do this way, you should concern on several things.

Self Pack Techniques for International Shipping

There are some important principles for international shipping. If you want to pack it, it is important to avoid empty space in the box. It is crucial to fulfilling the empty space in the box to prevent the movable shipping content in which it is able to cause the broken condition and damage. Then, please make a distance of 6 cm.

You should always put the content of shipping in the centre of the box with minimal distance about 6 cm to separate it from the wall or the outside angle. Pack one by one good if you want to do self pack international shipping containers. You should use a separator to pack it when you send and ship more goods in one container or pack. Be always wrapping the goods tidily with the separated materials.

Self Pack International Shipping

Protecting Your Self Pack International Shipping

To deliver self pack for international shipping, you should protect it with the great seal. The chosen plaster should be strong to give different protection to your shipping. This must prevent damage during the transporting process. If you require duct tape, just choose some duct tape types like polypropylene, vinyl, and fibre-reinforced paper duct tape.

Packing Tidily

You should pack your shipping tidily. Put shipping label in the right spot. The shipping label is important to ensure the shipping move and send smoothly. Make sure that shipping label safely on the surface of the box. This is helpful to keep your pack shipping in the right position during a shipping process. You need to recognize the kind of goods to send. This is used to decide the chosen pack for your international shipping.

Deciding the Right Self Pack International Shipping

To deliver the self-pack international shipping, you need to select the trusted shipping service. It is better to determine the right international shipping. You may conduct a survey by coming directly to the expeditions and shipping service to use. The credibility of expeditions takes a role in influencing your choice. Make sure that you will have sent it through a trusted and credible expedition.

An international shipping service must be really professional. The company should have clear shipping notes, on time, and legal administration letters. Off course, all services are offered and done very well for all clients and customers.

It is important to check insurance and warranty. This is rather difficult. But some international shipping services give the warranty and high-level safety on international shipping. This is useful to maintain your shipping still well and great. When it gives warranty and insurance, the company will give compensation for lost shipping. Those are some things related to self-pack international shipping.

Best Shipping Containers to Africa

Looking for one of the best shipping containers to Africa, you need to consider Cargo Master. It is one of the leading container shipping companies in Australia. They are popular for their good staff, secure and safe shipping and the low-cost prices.

One of the popular destinations of this company in shipping containers to Africa from Australia. It has over more years of experience. The services are complete enough ranging from the small box of clothes to the bigger item of vehicle. Even, the company also delivers the whole house move.

Shipping Containers to Africa

Because one of the most influencing aspects that support the popularity of this company is the low cost that they offer, let us discuss it in more details.

The company guarantees the most efficient and the most cost-effective services in shipping your goods through the great distance between Australia and South Africa. Fortunately, the company always tries to understand the customers by tailoring the costs that will suit their needs.

Supported by their strong team with enough knowledge, practices and experiences, Cargo Master will give you some suggestions before you decide the right shipping method to deliver your goods. They will explain it well, including the appropriate container size for your goods.

There are two options to take, including less and full container load.

Less Container Load (LCL)

To minimize the numbers of the cost you need to pay off, you better share with other businesses or households shipping overseas. This means that the container will be shared as well as the costs. Using LCL, you will be charged for only the space that your goods need. If you have small consignments such as apartment or flat move, you better take this option. Or if you want to only move a few rooms of your house or some selected items, this will be a great choice to take.

Full Container Load (FCL)

If you have something great to travel, you will need this type of shipping. For example, you want to move a whole household, your vehicle, or some other stuff that require a full container service. You can take either the 20ft or 40ft container depending on the volume of your load. Then, the cost is calculated based on the size of the container that you take.

There are some popular destinations of shipping containers to Africa provided by this company. The destinations are across South Africa, including Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Durban, Evaton, Witbank, George, Soshanguve, Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg.

Are Protein Shakes Good Or Bad? What You Should Know?

Gotcha! They’re not! Protein shakes are a staple of a high-protein diet. While I like to make recipes with my protein powder (both to avoid protein farts and to keep from getting sick of shakes) it’s still my go-to when I need more protein in my day but I don’t have much time. However, as with any supplement, you have to keep a few things in mind:

Protein Powder

1. Protein shakes are not food. When you base your diet around supplements, instead of a healthy balance of meat-/fish-/vegetable-protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains, you’re missing out on key micronutrients, specifically vitamins and minerals. A good way to mitigate this is to cook recipes (I’ve published a few of my favourites here) to let you get extra protein without sacrificing nutrition. The protein powder tastes better than if you were just juicing vegetables.

2. Protein shakes make you fart. I wrote a separate article on this, but the long story short is that drinking liquid on an empty stomach dumps it into your intestines, which makes you fart. It’s a good reason to think about making Almond Butter Protein Cookies or Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes instead of just chugging milky jugs.

3. You may have the temptation to combine pre-packaged or fast food with protein shakes, justifying it with “it fits my macros.” While this is true, you’ll also be eating more sugar, trans-fat, salt, and less fiber than if you were just eating healthy, simple foods along with your protein supplements. A young person may be able to feel great on french fries, hot dogs, cigarettes, and Quest Bars, but once you hit 30, you’ll be hurting, my friend.

4. If you rely on protein shakes for a large proportion of your daily caloric needs, you’ll likely be wasting your money, to some extent. Without an adequate supply of carbohydrates (or, in the ketogenic diet, fat) your body will break down excess protein through gluconeogenesis, converting it to glucose, and depriving your muscles of the protein you’re faithfully glugging down every two hours.

5. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you very likely want to take in more protein than you get from the whole foods you eat. Check out my article on egg protein if that works for you, and if not, then read my article on which pea protein tastes the best. You’ll still need vitamin supplements, but you can at least take care of your macronutrient needs.

So, in summary: Protein is great. Protein helps to prevent muscle loss when trying to reduce body fat and helps to build muscle when you’re trying to make gains in your lifting. I’m not telling you to put down the Isopure and live a life of crackers and lettuce. But learn how to supplement correctly, safely, and in moderation.


Life is Short. Eat Dessert First

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Can we just talk for a second about how it is February? I am not even sure how that happened. At the end of the month, the girls turn 18 months old, and I am positive I’m not ready for that. Didn’t I just bring them home from the hospital yesterday? It sure feels like it.

Before we know it, spring will be here and we can break out of our hibernation from this long cold winter Chicago is having. I’m not one to wish away long periods of time though – and especially not February! The month of loooove… and chocolate. Let’s not forget the chocolate.

I am and always have been a chocolate addict. Second to coffee, chocolate is my jam – and it is rare I go a day without some form of chocolate. And who could blame me! Chocolate is great – and there are some pretty interesting facts about chocolate out there.

Did you know….

  • the smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation?
  • eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by 33%?
  • chocolate has an anti-bacterial effect on your mouth and protects against tooth decay?

How can anyone argue with that?

I put together a slideshow of different chocolate desserts – some including fruit, some brownies, some cookies, some cakes – all delicious looking. I’m sure your valentines would love a special chocolate homemade treat!

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