Recipe: Oatmeal Hemp Pancakes!

Good morning guys! How is everyone doing this morning? It’s a little gloomy and rainy in my end but at least it’s above freezing. I’ll take rain over snow any day!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be sharing my pancake recipe this morning! I know there is a bunch of pancake recipes floating out there but this one is so easy and fool-proof! The portion is also perfect for 1 person but can be doubled or tripled if necessary 😉.

These little guys are full of good-for-you ingredients! I swear they are good for your waistline! You only need four ingredients to make the batter which in my books is a win! So gather your oatmeal, hemp seeds, egg and banana and get ready to cook!

The amounts are actually very easy to memorize. After I found the perfect proportions, I found I didn’t even have to look to my recipe anymore. I can just get straight to it in the morning. For 2-3 pancakes, you will need 1 egg, half a banana, 1 tablespoon of hemp seeds, and 4 tablespoons of oatmeal. Toss these ingredients into a blender and let it do all the work! After everything is incorporated and mixed together you will have the perfect badder. I’ve played around with the recipe a ton and if you want more protein feel free to add some more hemp seeds!

Heat a pan on medium heat and then pour your badder into 2-3 pancakes. I managed to get 2 normal sized pancakes and 1 mini-one yesterday morning.

You can customize these pancakes any which way you want. You might want to add some berries, walnuts, sliced bananas or berries. Whatever your heart desires! I have some fresh berries hanging out in the fridge so I decided to add some of them.

About two minutes on the first side (medium heat) and then 1-2 minutes on the flip side should do the trick. You can press in the middle of the pancake and make sure it is firm and not watery. Then you are ready to pour some maple syrup and dig in! I promise you will not be disappointed!

These will keep you full for hours! The combination of fiber and healthy fats is very satisfying! These are great for adults and the kiddos. If you have not had breakfast yet, you must make these!

Do you have a go-to pancake recipe? What are your favourite pancake toppings? 

I’ll be back later this afternoon! See you guys soon!

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