How I Got Rid of Cystic Acne

This post has been a long-time coming.  Y’all … for YEARS I have been in a never-ending battle with cystic acne.  My skin has been problematic since high school and it was embarrassing to still be having issues in my late 20s.  Not only was it cosmetically unsettling for me, but cystic acne is also incredibly painful.

The only time I can remember having somewhat clear skin was after doing a series of chemical peels before my wedding.  I have tried topical medications, oral antibiotics, natural regimens, etc. and nothing seemed to work.  That is until my friend Nikki introduced me to Rodan+Fields Unblemish.

I want to start right off the bat by saying I do not sell Rodan+Fields nor do I earn anything at all for this post.  I simply want to share my story about what has worked for me because it has been life-changing.  Life-changing in the fact that I:

  • No longer deal with large painful cysts
  • I can go out in public without ANY make-up and feel comfortable and confident

I started using R+F in November of last year right after Bryn weaned from nursing.  I had been on the fence for a number of months because quite frankly it is expensive.  However after product, after product continued to fail me I sat down with Chris and we decided enough was enough and it was time to give something else a shot.  Since they have a complete empty-bottle money-back guarantee I felt comfortable with taking the gamble.  And I have never looked back.  Within one month of using the products, I noticed an amazing difference.  My skin was smoother, my tone was more even, and my acne disappeared.  NO JOKE.  Here is a bit of before/after.  Both are without make-up.

I have been getting SO many compliments on my skin from friends who have known the struggle I have.  And it feels amazing.  Rodan+Fields is brought to you by the same dermatologists that created Proactiv however the R+F line is a step above.  For example, in the Unblemish regimen, they include ingredients that are anti-bacterial.  Since most acne is caused by a bacteria this addition is vital for success.  I am a preferred customer to save a little $$ and honestly can say I don’t even always have to order the entire kit again.  Sometimes I get by with just a couple of products.  I also am OBSESSED with their sunless tanner ;)

If you are dealing with acne in your 20s (or later!) like I was you’re looking for a solution I really encourage you to try this out.

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