Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand from your country is one of the single biggest decision for you as an individual. Whether you live in New Zealand for study or work, it is still your best decisions ever in your life! This country has been known for its wilderness of nature.

The Kiwi is a great place for you who wants to have a better air or better new life since you will surround by the better environment. When it comes to moving abroad, you need to carry your belongings, right? And what should you do with your stuff?


Things to Know about Sea Freight to NZ

Sea freights to NZ is the answer. When you want to move to New Zealand, sea freight is available to help you for carrying your belongings. There are many sea freights companies that able to carry your entire room contents or just a few cartons to ship to New Zealand. You can check the freight company in your country that is trusted. We are sure that there is freight agent that wants to do shipment via sea freight.

You need to find a freight agent which has a reputation for fast, reliable, and efficient sea freight to NZ. Sea freight is a shipment that uses 20′ or 40′ shipping container. It is the fastest way to move all your belongings in your room. Especially if you have many clothes, furniture, and stuff.

Sea freight is also the most economical way to ship your belongings to New Zealand if you are from Australia or Indonesia since the price is cheap. The price becomes cheaper is you use sea freight in a shared container. You need to choose this method if you are only shipping half portion of your furniture or just several cartons.

Considerations for Sea Freight


This is the first factor that you should consider before choosing sea freight. For some people, the cost can be a very important factor which can influence the decisions to ship via sea freight.

Typically, sea freight is way cheaper than air freight. The factors for freight cost are related to cargo weight, value, the destination being shipped, and dimensions.

Larger and heavier shipments are often cheaper to ship by sea freight. So, it’s better to use sea freight when you want to carry your belongings including furniture. After the custom and destination fees are added to shipping cost, the price of sea freight is still cheaper than air freight.


Shipping by sea freight takes several days. In some cases, it can take a few weeks or months to arrive. You can ship your belongings weeks before you move abroad. But recent ships shows that they are getting faster.

Moreover, they also create efficient routes. So sea freight can be faster than before. There are many sea freight shipments being delivered less in 2 weeks. If you live in a country near New Zealand, sea freight to NZ can be faster.

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