Things You Need Consider in Choosing Freight Forwarder

In doing international business, you surely need a freight forwarder for importing and exporting goods. Talking about international shipping, there are several freight forwarders to choice. Two favourites freight that mostly used by people are air freight and sea freight. However, both have the plus side and the minus side. That is why you need to know different air freight vs. sea freight before choosing the right one. Here several factors that you need to consider!

Freight Forwarder

The Different of Air Freight Vs Sea Freight

When it comes to the difference of air freight vs. sea freight, air freight is normally chosen for the fast shipping. Besides, air freight also great to use when you need safe and reliable freight. However, if you are avoiding expensive freight, you better use other freights. Then, how about using sea freight?

Sea freight is commonly picked for people who need more capacity in importing and exporting goods. Example sea freight Sydney from Cargo Master. It can hold up to 10,000 bottles of beer! On the other hand, sea freight is normally slower than air freight. There are additional delays as well due to its port holdups and customs issues.

Different of Air Freight Vs Sea Freight: Cost, Environment, Speed, and Reliability.


The first thing that most people think when it comes to choosing freight is its cost. In doing international business, you exactly will consider it due to your business’ budget. In choosing freight, people normally pick the freight that will cost them less. If you need cheaper freight, you are better doing shipping it through sea freight. Why?

This is because the chargeable weight of airlines will be calculated from their weight and shipment size. On the other hand, the sea freight charges every container rates for standard shipping.

Talking about its cost, the charge differences between air freight and sea freight actually will be depending on the cargo and trade you choose. Airlines normally have the limited capacity by weight and the sea freight by volume.

As you choose air freight, the chargeable weight is commonly calculated built upon its dimensional aspect of 6,000 kg/cubic centimetre until 166 kg/cubic meter. Nonetheless, the sea freight for its standard shipping is 1.000 kg/cubic meter.


The next common thing that becomes another factor when choosing freight is its environmental impact. This thing must be considered because we also need to taking care of the earth.

The CO2 emission in air freight is normally much higher than sea freight. This then makes the international shipping by air freight will have larger carbon fingerprint than doing shipping through sea freight.


Besides the cost, freight speed also becomes another important thing that mostly considers by people. Discussing the freight speed, we can say that air freight is much faster than other freights. However, this faster shipping normally will cause higher cost.

As shipping through sea normally needs time about a month, the air freight only needs days. Therefore, if your business puts forward on time, you better choose air freight services.


In picking up the freight, you exactly want a trusted freight. When it comes to its reliability, air freight actually has a shorter history than sea freight; however, it still wins for reliability. Airlines only get delayed due to the factor of weather and schedule, yet sea freight has loads of factors.

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