Tips for International Shipping 

International shipping can be really confusing if you have ever done it before. But after you read this article, you will probably realize that handling international air freight shipment is just easy and affordable work to do. For those of you who want to have air freight Australia, you have to gather a couple of information and advice to make sure that the company that you pick for your air freight Australia is the capable one.

International Shipping

Deciding the payment

One of the bothering questions that usually appear in international shipping is probably deciding the payment. If you are using domestic freight, it is very easy to handle. You can handle it by prepaid or collect. You have to decide that when you are dealing with this kind of shipment. But the other hands, if you are using international air freight, it is totally different. You will be confused about whether who will pay inland freight or who will pay taxes and duties. To solve this problem, you have to ask your customer before the shipment is starting.

Secure packaging

Shipping packaging is the thing that almost manufacturer do not concern about while they are more concern about spending so much of their time, energy and money to make a product. You have to remember that shipping packaging will be going around the world, not across the city. You have to make sure that all the products are securely packaging and fastened to the skid.

Weight and dimensions of accuracy

After your freight has already been packed, the next thing you have to do is get the weight and dimensions’ accuracy. In assessing the charge of freight the companies of airlines and trucking take volume and then weight into consideration. The calculation which is not accurate will be affected by the costs. Customs agencies in certain countries can be very hard on discrepancies. For reason, in Brazil, the figuration of the weights likes to mention in a tenth of a kilo.

You have to make sure to describe everything inside your shipment

You have to spend your time a little bit to think and check what you are shipping, before giving your documents and information to your forwarder.

You have to concern about the documents

You have to prepare your documents in a nice way because both domestic and foreign agents and the officials of customs are willing to see the documents which are served nicely with the addition of commercial invoice. If you have already followed this tip, you probably have the weights and dimensions accuracy and you got the right description of the goods that you are sent.

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