Tips in Making A New Container Shipping Company

Due to the increase in freight services, there are a lot of people get interested in starting a shipping company. When it comes to the freight company, there are loads of kinds of it: air freight, ocean freight, and containers. Once someone begins to start a new freight company with a low budget, they mostly pick starting container shipping company. But, they probably don’t know how to start a freight services company with containers. Here are things that you need considers in planning a container shipping company.


Know This Basic thing before Starting Container Shipping Company

This is What You Need! In staring a new freight forwarder company, there are several things that you need to prepare. Here are the lists.

  • Structure Legal and Company Name
  • Business Address and Business Plan
  • Bank and Merchant Account
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Containers and Other Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Warehouse site
  • Logistic management software
  • Financial projection
  • Investment capital
  • Create a Name, Structure, and EIN

Once you want to make a shipping company, make sure you have a company name and logo. Besides, you also need to set up the structure of the legal business. Here, you can ask help from your financial advisor or attorney in deciding the corporation of your company. Furthermore, you also need to apply the EIN and get the business address.

Consider Bank Account

Talking about how to start a freight services company with containers, it means talking about business and money as well. That’s why you need to make a bank account to permit credit and debit cards processes.

Set Up Business Plan

Thinking your business plan becomes an important thing in creating a new business such as shipping company. Furthermore, you also need to develop its financial projections. You need to do research for your business need such as logistics, laws, shipping, pricing, and the most important one is container requirements. You also need to understand well about your competitors, sales strategies, and market size as well.

Important Things In Starting Container Shipping Company

Besides those basic business things, you also need to understand well about something that relates to containers shipping.

Create Management Software

As you think about how to start a freight services company with containers, you need to know that every shipping company has management software for tracking goods. Therefore, you need to purchase it. Besides, obtaining shipping logistics also is a must for creating a new freight container. All of these will help you in tracking the containers’ location, so the customers also can update and know the location of their shipments.

Own Containers

This is the most important thing talking about how to start a shipping company with containers. You need to buy loads of containers, trucks, its equipment, and also a warehouse site. The warehouse provides a place for repairing containers and other equipment.

Make Legal Contract

A legal contract is an important thing in doing official business. In starting shipping company, you need to make long-term contracts with several companies. Make a great two-page executive summary and efficient 20-page of presentation for your investors so they can join with your company.

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